Thursday, 6 April 2017

Why shall one dance ?

* Dance is the best way to stay fit physically as well as emotionally

* physical fitness - dancing improves your body strength, stamina, blood circulation to the great extent.

* emotional Fitness - it gives u ability to endurance, it improves condition of heart & lungs.

Who can learn to dance ?

I personally believe, the one who has a strong will to groove on the beats, can learn dance easily, Dance can never be forceful, the feeling of enjoyment while dancing has to come within, then anyone of any age, size , shape can dance gracefully.

so, come on guys : be active & fit at the same time
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Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Dance - my breather !! good morning

My morning thought :)

I always wake up thanking Ganpati Bappa for letting me live my passion as my career, everyday day starts with a smile & a zest to do something different n satisfactory in dance field, my dream never has destination called end, it always continues' with a semicolon.....

current new rather revived thing in life is  - Megha Sampat's Creative Dance & Fitness Studio, reopened after 2 years.
the students / well wishers have welcomed me wholeheartedly, the enthusiasm to join the class is tremendous :) I m just loving it. #bappamorya