Creative Quarantine - Dance Tutorial

Well, by now, "Quarantined life" is the new word in everyone's dictionary...
Waking up, Cooking, Cleaning, Exercising, checking social media & binge watching web series is the sure shot daily routine...
Yes, but do remember, this Lock down has definitely given us time for ourselves, our betterment, productivity & learn to face new challenges in life...

Everyone should have plan during this golden period...
Golden period??? Yes, take this time to create best of your own version.

Here is my best activity which I revived in this period. I had my Dance Academy for 16 long years but I had to almost quit teaching dance for last 4 years, & was only into choreography for Films, stage events. This lock down period has got me back to my basics - Dance Teaching & it is definitely for good.

So, I am teaching Live on my Facebook & Instagram page Megha Sampat on every Mon-Wed-Fri at 11 am. Believe me I am receiving so much of Love, appreciation, motivation from al…

Dance Choreography Basics

"Choreography" is one the most challenging job title for which one has to be always updated & keep upgrading self constantly.

The basic meaning of "Choreography" is to compose the rhythmic body movements & gestures on particular music.
But a true choreographer identifies the deep meaning of choreography through the experience & innovative ideas.
For creating Masterpiece dance choreography one needs to understand the flawless amalgamation of well synchronized dance steps & concepts.
Just putting random difficult steps together with no meaning to the song can be disastrous.

To identify the concepts of the act, choreographer needs to study the subject well & try & execute accurate meaning of the visual presentation he needs to portray.

The precise dance steps, the sound edit of the song, specific costumes & elaborate concept will enhance the choreography.

To get the experience of Choreography, the choreographer should also be prepared to a…

Why learning is important in dance?

Once a mother came to me in my earlier dance class with her daughter for enrollment for classes. But 1st thing she said - "Meri beti bahot hi accha dance karti hai, kisise sikha nahi hai bas dekh dekh ke accha kar leti hai".The 7 year old child looked at me with her hopeful intense eyes & was instantly ready to prove her mom right, Yes she did dance decently well, but still.... something was wrong.
I was upset while watching her... I wanted her to stop & make her understand what she was doing....
The vulgar expressions, the sexy body moves, the eyes trying to catch attention like .......
It was just not needed for a 7 year old girl to perform like this.

here, the importance of learning dance steps in! A right training with a right teacher / Guru helps not only to guide the performer in accurate way but there is a definite positive meaning to that performance.

Learning dance by watching YouTube Videos & following someone blindly will definitely teach the moves of…

India's International Groovefest - an International Dance Championship

Padnayaas Entertainment proudly introduced its significant project - "India's International Groovefest" in November 2018.

IIGF - India’s International Groovefest (IIGF) is an international competitive event that aims to provide a global platform to the dance enthusiasts across the world. It is a golden opportunity to all talented & versatile dancers who believes in shining on international platform.

There is a perfect saying - you can't finish if you don't start !!
So to start one has to look upto right opportunities! & here it is!!

IIGF is designed to capture the beauty of Indian Classical as well as Western Dance forms on the same platform.

The competition is open to both amateurs as well as trained professionals who are passionate about dancing. After the Successful inaugural year of competition in 2018 at Dubai, Team Padanyaas has achieved all its targeted goals & is set to take the competition at different countries every year.

Those selected fo…

Work Hard Have Fun No Drama - Team Padanyaas

Padanyaas Entertainment Team.

Launched by extremely passionate & hardworking team. The dedication of the team is to another level, who believes in "Never give up" attitude !!

Founder Director of Padanyaas Entertainment Megha Sampat - choreographer, has extensive support by husband Sampat kini & daughter Sammeta Kini.
The core Team is incomplete without Gaurav Shirke & Aradhana Tondwalkar.
Rest more than 7 people in the list makes the "Team Padanyaas" a strong group of go-getters.

Organizing International Dance Championships in various countries is the main venture of Team Padanyaas. It takes extra efforts to reach out right dance talents who are worthy this stage & also are exceptionally passionate for this opportunity. Performing in front of knowledgeable celebrity judges, one needs to be talented & well prepared for the international platform. Padanyaas Entertainment Team is immensely professional in carrying out the seamless show.

want to k…

Introduction of Padanyaas Entertainment

I introduce my entertainment company "Padanyaas Entertainment". Being a choreographer from almost 15-16 years in entertainment industry, I always wished to do something more with Dance.  Dance championship on International Level stuck my mind & then I worked extremely hard to get into reality. The name "Padanyaas" means footwork - a name, very close to my heart since I was performing shows with the name of "Padanyaas of Bollywood" & I couldn't find better name than "Padanyaas Enetrtainment"
‘Padanyaas’ is a movement which is committed not only to provide international platform for dancers across India & Indians residing world over but also to spread and propagate the ethos of the rich Indian culture through Dance.
Padanyaas is dedicated to bring into limelight the hidden dancing gems of India & Indian's residing abroad through this path breaking dance challenge .
Motto of "Padanyaas Entertainment" is to redefin…

Promote Yourself

well, this is about the book named - "PROMOTE YOURSELF" - the new rules for career success. By Dan Schawbel.
I must say its a life changing book, a must read for every1, who has passion to do something in career, I m still half way but still wanaa write about it.

The most important line of the book which has impressed me tremendously is - "If u work really hard, make urself an expert on something, & persue ur passions, u will  be able to achieve what u want."

Its I agree its nothing new, but in many a times in life, things/lessons have to come on sright point of time.. & this book will definitely the one which will make change ! Go for it !!!