Thursday, 15 June 2017

Promote Yourself

well, this is about the book named - "PROMOTE YOURSELF" - the new rules for career success. By Dan Schawbel.
I must say its a life changing book, a must read for every1, who has passion to do something in career, I m still half way but still wanaa write about it.

The most important line of the book which has impressed me tremendously is - "If u work really hard, make urself an expert on something, & persue ur passions, u will  be able to achieve what u want."

Its I agree its nothing new, but in many a times in life, things/lessons have to come on sright point of time.. & this book will definitely the one which will make change ! Go for it !!!

Friday, 26 May 2017

Want to become professional dancer?

Hey all.. I am Megha Sampat choreographer in Marathi industry n in Bollywood since past 10 year.

I get to connect a lot of aspiring dancers who message me on social media, saying they want to become professional dancers,  wants to join my squad, I would say, "welcome" but before that I would request you to take a self test, to check if u are ready to be a "PROFESSIONAL DANCER"

1) How good & trained performer u r !!
2) R u trained well to adapt various dance styles which are required to perform ?
3) Are you willing to dedicate more 100% of time for this profession?
4) It is a challenging job, considering Time, physical fitness  an dedication.
5) Being Loyal not only to your work but also to your master /choreographer will make u shine in the industry. Freelancer to me is - U r responsible for finding ur own work. :)
6) The dancer should posses Artistic ability & creativity to express ideas through the dancing movements & expressions,in simple works u have to be outstanding !!
7) The performer must be willing to perform in group & teamwork is what makes the presentation of the act, most successful.

if u possess the qualities above : u r invited to join Megha Sampat Dance Squad, contact

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Mental & physical Benefits of Dance

DANCE has strong Physical & Mental Benefits:

  • Dance improves Muscle tone & strength as well as flexibility.
  • Dancing regularly can manage your Weight.
  • Dance can burn calories as fast as jogging.
  • Dance- fitness increases your stamina & improves cardiovascular health.
  • Dance therapy gives you emotional & mental stability.
  • Dance helps u reducing stress level. 

So what are you waiting for?? Rush & register… do not forget to share J


Thursday, 6 April 2017

Why shall one dance ?

* Dance is the best way to stay fit physically as well as emotionally

* physical fitness - dancing improves your body strength, stamina, blood circulation to the great extent.

* emotional Fitness - it gives u ability to endurance, it improves condition of heart & lungs.

Who can learn to dance ?

I personally believe, the one who has a strong will to groove on the beats, can learn dance easily, Dance can never be forceful, the feeling of enjoyment while dancing has to come within, then anyone of any age, size , shape can dance gracefully.

so, come on guys : be active & fit at the same time
Join #meghasampat creative Dance & fitness studio in Thane...

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Dance - my breather !! good morning

My morning thought :)

I always wake up thanking Ganpati Bappa for letting me live my passion as my career, everyday day starts with a smile & a zest to do something different n satisfactory in dance field, my dream never has destination called end, it always continues' with a semicolon.....

current new rather revived thing in life is  - Megha Sampat's Creative Dance & Fitness Studio, reopened after 2 years.
the students / well wishers have welcomed me wholeheartedly, the enthusiasm to join the class is tremendous :) I m just loving it. #bappamorya

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

I have recently discovered the  new love towards reading the books, it keeps me so happy & excited all the time, the Indian authors like chetan bhagat, durjoy datta, rashmi bansal, sudeep nagarkar, aaah so many of them.

Love the way the books take u to another world, it makes me think, visualize & make a picture myself, i m so happy that I have finally started reading & now can call myself a bookworm :) loving it totally. :)

pls suggest some good books, romantic / fiction / drama / inspirational stories are part of my interest :) bappa morya :)

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Blogging after years :) feeling really focused and stubborn about career all again !!
I always wanted to be firm in what I m doing, somehow felt missing few golden opportunities for what so ever reasons !! now New Aims ! New Goals ! More Deddication ! i m sure it will follow with more Success !! Ganpati Bappa Morya :)