Want to become professional dancer?


Hey all.. I am Megha Sampat choreographer in Marathi industry n in Bollywood since past 10 year.

I get to connect a lot of aspiring dancers who message me on social media, saying they want to become professional dancers,  wants to join my squad, I would say, "welcome" but before that I would request you to take a self test, to check if u are ready to be a "PROFESSIONAL DANCER"

1) How good & trained performer u r !!
2) R u trained well to adapt various dance styles which are required to perform ?
3) Are you willing to dedicate more 100% of time for this profession?
4) It is a challenging job, considering Time, physical fitness  an dedication.
5) Being Loyal not only to your work but also to your master /choreographer will make u shine in the industry. Freelancer to me is - U r responsible for finding ur own work. :)
6) The dancer should posses Artistic ability & creativity to express ideas through the dancing movements & expressions,in simple works u have to be outstanding !!
7) The performer must be willing to perform in group & teamwork is what makes the presentation of the act, most successful.

if u possess the qualities above : u r invited to join Megha Sampat Dance Squad, contact www.meghasampat.com


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